Probiotics: All You Need to Know

Probiotics: All You Need to Know

Probiotics are healthy bacteria living in our guts. Humans produce their own gut flora, but sometimes dietary deficiencies, diseases, and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a shortage of beneficial bacteria in our digestive tracts. Let’s take a look at the role and importance of probiotics in the human body.

The Importance Of Gut Flora

You might be surprised to learn that the bacteria in your gut outnumber the cells in your body. And it gets better. The bacteria in our guts have dynamic interactions with the rest of our bodies, and they influence our weight, immune response, skin health, and more.

Even though most of us don’t know it, our gut bacteria have played an important part in our lives, ever since we were born.

  • Digest Breast Milk – A baby’s gut flora helps him or her digest the sugars in breast milk, allowing the child to have a healthy growth spurt.
  • Regulate The Immune System – The gut flora influences our body immune response. Those who have a healthy gut microbiome show a lower risk of developing autoimmune or inflammatory diseases.
  • Digest Fiber – The helpful bacteria in our digestive system helps us break down fiber. Eating fiber is very helpful, and it can lower our cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of cancer.
  • Regulate Our Social Behavior – A healthy gut microbiota has been linked to a better mood and an improved cognition. In fact, the emergence of the microbiota – gut – brain axis made scientists rethink the holistic approach to treating certain diseases.
  • Maintain A Healthy Weight – Several studies have linked unhealthy gut flora to weight gain. Fortunately, improving the microbiome with the help of probiotics can reverse this effect.

What Are Probiotics?

Now that we’ve seen why it’s important to have a healthy gut flora, let’s see what probiotics are, and how they can be helpful.

Probiotics are live bacteria that are beneficial for our bodies. These bacteria are very similar to the ones that grow naturally inside our digestive system, and consuming them offers the same benefits as growing our own gut flora.

Probiotics can be found in fermented products such as cheese, yogurt, or pickled vegetables. However, consuming bacteria through food is not the same as consuming them through probiotic supplements. Probiotic supplements usually provide specific strains of bacteria that have been proven to be helpful.

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Probiotic Benefits

Probiotics Reduce The Symptoms Of Digestive Conditions
More and more people across the US suffer from inflammatory digestive conditions such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Using probiotics can improve the symptoms for those who suffer from inflammatory diseases. In fact, a study showed that taking probiotics can be as effective as taking drugs for those who suffer from ulcerative colitis. In addition, it seems that administering probiotics to infants reduced the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis by up to 50%.

  1. Probiotics Help With Weight Loss
    Probiotics reduce the amount of dietary fat absorbed in the intestine. Instead of being absorbed and stored, the dietary fat is being excreted. A study showed that dieting women who took a probiotic supplement lost 50% more weight than those who didn’t. People who take probiotic supplements often report that they feel fuller for longer, which allows them to eat less. This can lead to a caloric deficit, consequently leading to a significant weight loss.
  2. Probiotics Improve Our Immune System
    Helpful bacteria inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in our digestive system. This allows the immune system to work more efficiently. Probiotics seem to boost the production of immune cells such as NK cells and T lymphocytes. A study found that children who took probiotics were affected by respiratory infections less frequently.
  3. Probiotics Can Ease Certain Skin Conditions
    The administration of probiotics can reduce the severity of skin conditions such as eczema. A study showed that women who took probiotics during their pregnancy gave birth to children who had an 83% lower risk of developing eczema until they were two years old. It seems that taking probiotics can also reduce the skin inflammation provoked by dairy allergies.
  4. Probiotics Can Improve Mental Health
    A study showed that taking probiotics for one or two months can improve mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Taking a probiotic supplement for 8 weeks significantly reduced the depression levels and improved the hormonal balance for one study’s participants.
  5. Probiotics Can Treat Diarrhea
    Diarrhea is often caused by an imbalance between the healthy and unhealthy bacteria in our guts. Antibiotics often cause gut flora imbalances because they kill both the healthy and the unhealthy bacteria indiscriminately. Many people who take antibiotics have diarrhea as a result. Taking probiotics while you’re taking antibiotics can significantly reduce the chances of antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Some studies have shown that probiotics can reduce the risk of diarrhea by up to 57%.
  6. Probiotics Can Improve Our Circulation
    Probiotics can help us maintain a healthy circulatory system by lowering our blood pressure and reducing the amount of LDL cholesterol in our blood. Studies have shown that those who consumed probiotics over a period of 8 weeks had a lower blood pressure. Moreover, studies showed that the users experienced a reduction of their LDL cholesterol by up to 4%.

How To Choose The Best Probiotics

Since probiotics have been linked to so many benefits, it would be a shame not to try them. However, it’s important to make sure you’re making the right decision whenever you’re buying any dietary supplement. Here are some things you should consider before buying.

  • Third-Party Tested
    Products are third-party tested for purity and potency. Having the third-party’s seal of approval means that the product is premium quality. Kovoh has all their products third-party tested and carries the seal for premium quality.
  • Number Of Probiotic Strains
    High-quality probiotics offer various strains of probiotics. This increases the probiotic’s efficiency because more strains will replace the missing bacteria in your gut flora. Even more important is that the strains survive the harsh digestive juices of the stomach. Kovoh has patented Bio-tract™ delivery technology that protects the probiotics from the harsh chemical environment of the stomach, delivering up to 15 times more live probiotics to your gut.

Kovoh’s probiotics are specially designed to promote a healthy digestive system. The caplets for the adults are easy to swallow and the kid’s probiotics are tasty chewables with no refrigeration required for either. All of Kovoh’s products are non-GMO, dairy free, gluten free and free of preservatives. Kovoh is a name you and your family can trust when it comes to premium quality products.

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