Can You Treat Ear Infections with Probiotics?

Can You Treat Ear Infections with Probiotics?

If you are parents of young children, you may well have already experienced the dreaded ear infection! Yes, ear infections in children are one of the most frequent illnesses of childhood. According to recorded statistics, approximately 5 out of 6 American children suffer from ear infection by the time they reach the age of 3. We also know that approximately 12% of American children under the age of 18 experience ear infection every year, with 80% of children experiencing serious ear infection (medical term acute otitis media or AOM).

The majority of medical practitioners or Ear, Nose and Throat specialists (ENT) will likely advise taking oral antibiotics to clear up very problematic toddler ear infections but there are other methods that can help to alleviate the problem and even act as a preventative. We’re talking about probiotics, particularly Kovoh’s Probiotics for Kids.

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What Causes Ear Infection?

Ear infections are caused by a virus or bacteria that enter the middle ear and sit at the rear of the eardrum. When this happens, fluid and inflammation build up behind the eardrum, causing pain, sometimes this pain is significant. Children often hold their ear and in bad cases, may even bang the side of their head against their pillow in frustration.

The causes of ear infection range from common cold, sinus infection, to too much mucus production and even common allergies. Other causes could be changes in air pressure or swollen adenoids.

Why are Children More Prone to Ear Infections?

Children are far more prone to ear infection because their ears have shorter and narrower Eustachian tubes than adult ears. As children get older, the risk of ear infection drops because their Eustachian tubes start lengthening. However, when an ear infection occurs it can be extremely painful. As well as the discomfort, sometimes children may experience mild hearing loss (this is usually temporary) and fluid leaking from the ear. Ear infections should be treated as soon as symptoms appear because there is risk associated with permanent hearing loss and if a child suffers a burst eardrum (caused by a build-up of fluid behind the eardrum) they will experience severe discomfort.

Are Antibiotics the Best Treatment?

There is a lot of debate surrounding using antibiotics in children, particularly young children. Antibiotics generally work if administered properly but they can be problematic too. For example, using antibiotic medication regularly in children can result in the build-up of resistance to antibiotics. That means that a child might need higher doses for future treatment to be effective.

There’s also much evidence to prove that constantly using antibiotics to treat ear infection poses a risk of prolonged ear infections. That means constantly treating ear infections with antibiotics could result in your child suffering from multiple ear infections.

Furthermore, antibiotics kill off good bacteria and that can lead to side effects such as diarrhea. Lots of children experience allergic reactions to antibiotics, such as extreme nausea, sickness, and itchy rashes.

So if you are prescribed an antibiotic for your child’s ear infection (or indeed, any other infection) you must finish the course because otherwise, the infection will likely return.

So What's the Alternative?

Of course, not every parent wants to treat illness with antibiotics and many turns to homeopathic remedies for ear infection in children. Probiotics are well-known to help reduce symptoms in many illnesses as well as common complaints. There is significant data to prove that they act as a preventative for many problems. For example, probiotics are excellent when used to prevent or treat diarrhea, IBS, colitis, Crohn’s disease, eczema, and other infections. However, do probiotics work for ear nose and throat problems?

If caught early on, some mild ear infections can clear up on their own and the pain simply controlled using child-friendly acetaminophen or similar medication. A study in Italy on 22 children aged between 3 and 9 was undertaken to treat ear infections with oral probiotics. Using streptococcus salivarius K12 (a strain of probiotic), the children were given one daily dose with exciting results. Those children given the probiotic experienced a significant reduction in ear infection symptoms, especially in the levels of fluid around the middle ear. Another similar study on pharyngitis as well as ear infections in 41 children (82 children at the start of the study) showed a reduction in ear infection and pharyngitis by 65%.

What Probiotic Is Best?

Obviously, we are going to encourage parents just like you to give your children our own probiotic product but it’s more than just self-promotion. Our product works. With extensive research backing all of our probiotics we’re confident that when you use ours, you help to bolster your child’s immune system well enough to help fight off bacterial infection as best as possible.

Our probiotics give your child that good bacteria everyone talks about – enough to work gently with their little bodies so they feel healthy and are equipped with what they need to fight off infection. Kovoh doesn’t just stop there. In our probiotic, you’ll find prebiotic nutrients that give your child’s gut an extra layer of protection too.

We also know that little kids don’t like swallowing tablets and that’s why we created tasty, chewable strawberry flavored tablets. That’s not all – we don’t use artificial sweeteners or dyes so there’s no nasty chemicals involved.

Kovoh probiotics have a number of different strains but the one that will help prevent ear infection in children is Lactobacillus Paracasei because it is known for boosting the immune system, clinically proven to improve levels of T cells. T cells are the army that fights infection and that’s why we’re confident you and your child will love our probiotics.

How do Probiotics Work?

Ingesting probiotics help by killing harmful bacteria, restoring balance in your gut. There have been many cases reported showing that probiotics help to regulate the immune system and boost health optimally. It is strongly believed that probiotics play a role in boosting the immune system for a variety of illnesses and diseases.

In summary, treating ear infections in children and naturally preventing ear infections using probiotics can speed up recovery and help build up the body’s own defense system. There is strong evidence to show that regularly taking probiotics is one of the best ways of helping avoid inner ear problems. If used consistently, probiotics could even lead the way to getting rid of ear infections without the use of antibiotics.

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